Rewind Festival


Tickets will go on sale for 2019 in the Autumn

Please note that we do not offer camping for tents. Only camper vans,  caravans and smaller motorhomes.

Large and spacious pitches right on the bank of the River Thames. 

The camping ticket DOES NOT include entrance into the Festival.  Please purchase those separately via the Rewind website.   You will also need to consider transport to/from Rewind by the river taxi which arrives/departs from the camp site.

The Culden Faw Meadows are set on the banks of the River Thames and accessible from the main Henley to Marlow road (A4155). The camp site will be signposted.

The campsite is all grass and access is via a non tarmacked track.  Please be aware it can get wet and muddy.

From there it would be a short walk across the meadow, to the river bank, for the water taxis at a cost of approximately £4 - £5 each way, per person. Please have the cash ready. 

Bear in mind you will have to get on/off boats either by way of stepping up onto the bank on the Rewind side or, by gang plank/stepping over, on our side.

Bring your torches it will be dark when you return!

Alternatively there are buses into Henley on the main road or you can walk along the river - please ring the Estate Office on 01491 571 353 or email Events for further advice.

Access to the site will be from 2pm -9pm on Friday.  

The gates will then open again between 8am-4pm on Saturday. 

The gates will close overnight for security reasons.

All camper vans must depart by 12noon on Monday.

                                                                       ***2018 SOLD OUT***

Bookings taken for the whole 3 day period only.

  • No electric hook ups.
  • There will be water points.
  • Portable lavatories and an Elsan point provided.
  • No showers.
  • No lighting, please bring head torches/torches.
  • No pets.
  • Children must be supervised at all times - the camping area is surrounded by waterways.
  • No naked flames or BBQs in the camping area - for safety reasons.  However, you can have BBQs down by the river in a designated area, where you can hear the festival and with some crafty positioning, see the screen!
  • Camping stoves can be used but please follow manufacturers instructions as to how and where they can be used.
  • Cars are allowed on site to unload but MUST be parked in the designated parking area thereafter. 


How frequently do the water taxis run and what is the cost? Water taxis will run regularly. Steve, who will be operating our water taxis, will be contactable via mobile phone.  Please ensure you are aware of the last time for water taxis returning in the evening.

How long would it take to walk? The walk to the festival would take aproximately 20-40 minutes along the public footpath into Henley. Once in Henley, you cross the bridge and walk along the other side of the river to the entrance, taking the same amount of time again.

What is the nearest postcode? Next door is the Toad Hall garden centre and their postcode is RG9 3AG. However as you get close we will be signposted.


To stay with us, you will need to purchase either the Culden Faw Cutie permit (for vehicles up to 6m in length) at £85 (inc VAT), or a Culden Faw Biggie permit (for vehicles over 6m in length) at £170 (inc VAT)

For further enquiries please ring the Estate Office on 01491 571353. 

However, if you wish to go ahead and book, please click on the Camper Vans tab on the left hand side of this page.